Artist Spotlight

This is where we credit and help promote the artists
that have worked with us to bring Quests & Cannons to life!

Asia Chea

Asia laid out the groundwork for all of our character designs! Behold the mighty carrot tower shield!

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Delf Concept Dwunny Concept Porc Concept

Lily Yao Lu

Lily has been a tremendous boon to this project, this project would not have happened without her. Thank you, Lily!

Check out her portfolio here:


Logos Terrain Tiles Feature Tokens Card Layouts

John de Campos

Apart from doing some seriously kick-butt artwork, John is also hard at work designing his own radical game titled Token Terrors.

Check out Token Terrors here:
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Also he has a website here:

Dwunny Burrow Mother Porc Shaman Delf Harpshooter

Tom Pennifold

Tom has been great to work with, needs little direction, and has had an eye for bringing our vision to life.

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Character Design Loot Illustration

Douglas Silva

Douglas works quickly and efficiently, is receptive to feedback, and produces quality work. We're excited to work with him in the future.

Scope his portfolio here:

Environment Concept Art

Mike Cachinero

Mike is professional, produces high quality work, and is very responsive.

Find his portfolio here:

Environment Concept Art

Régis Torres

Régis has been wonderful to work with, professional, timely, and responsive. Produces fantastic work with minimal direction.

Check out more from Régis here:


Kerris Thornfur Elwing Songfeather Khalgoh Goldtusk

Tony "MrKrane" Carter

Tony has a great creative mind and has fantastic attention to detail and dialogue to ensure vision is met in the work he produces.

Catch more of his work here:


Board Art
Environment Concept Art

Lilia Sitailo

Lilia is fantastic to work with! She creates extremely high quality artwork in a very timely manner and has an awesome vision for fantasy clearly evident in her work.

See more of her work here:

Loot Illustrations