The Indie Game Table

This page is where we highlight our personal favorite in-development games by independent game creators as well as games that we'd love to see picked up by publishers.
These are 9 games that we personally find interesting enough to support!
Click the images below to learn more about these exciting new games!

Token Terrors

Tokken Terrors is a 1v1 mini-battle game using durable dice sized minis. It's a fantastic blend of MTG and Chess with some truly well-done art and design. As a bonus the minis are perfectly suited to be used for MTG token decks and D&D figures. *Self-Publishing*

New Game Soon!

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Warline is a sandbox fantasy war game with rich, highly, strategic game play from setup to execution of tactics, as well as, absolutely gorgeous artwork.

Ambal Tournament

Ambal Tournament is a simultaneous action, card dueling game styled after combat found in online RPGs. Having personally play tested this, it's definitely a game you want to follow. *Self-publishing*

Deadly Desserts

Deadly Desserts is a punny dessert card battle game with some of the coolest character designs we've seen. We're looking forward to seeing more updates on this game as it gets closer to launching. *Self-publishing*

Walking Doggos

Walking Doggos is a 2-7 player trick taking game with reverse hands and a positively charming theme. This game is available for sale, and would be an excellent addition to any game collection. *Looking for Publisher*

Happy Hong Bao

Happy Hong Bao is a social-light, competitive card game based on the titular Chinese New Year tradition of Hong Bao. With delightful, thematic artwork and plenty of player interaction, this is surely a game to follow and support. *Self-Publishing*

Boss Battle

Boss Battle is a heroes vs bosses card battle game with a variety of different game modes, a unique ability queue system, and an emphasis on teamwork and synergy. *Self-Publishing*

Galaxy Dice

Galaxy Dice is a "push your luck" dice building game based off vertical scrolling, top-down, classic arcade shooters like Gradius, Twin Bee, and Raiden. With some great looking thematic pixel art it was hard for us not to immediately like this game.