A competitive seafaring world exploring board game

Set in the high fantasy world of Miragheim, where a group of islands has mysteriously risen from the sea. The delicate magical balance of the world has been upset and these new islands may be the only hope to saving your homeland!

Players take control of captains sent from one of three prominent Kingdoms!




Each with their own unique abilities and ship stats

Slotted into recessed player boards designed to intuitively keep track of game elements.

Interchangeable tiles make every journey to the Plenty Islands a new adventure to adapt to and overcome!


Venture out to explore the islands

Receive quests from the island settlers

Gather resources to complete quests and upgrade your ship

Upgrading your ship

Sails Cannons Cargo

Add more sails to your ship to move more on your turn.

Get additional cannons to increase your fire power and have a better chance of sinking your opponents!

Open up additional cargo slots to hold more resources and complete quests more efficiently.

Get loot to improve your ship and turn the tide on your opponents

Quest Rewards Exploring Islands Trading Post

The first player to bring 15 prosperity to their homeland wins the game!

Earn and keep Prosperity by:

Completing Quest Completing Map Clues Not Sinking!

When players complete a quest they earn the prosperity listed on the card's reward section.

After finding and completing map clues, players can return to their starting space to earn 2 prosperity per clue!

If your ship ship sinks you lose 3 prosperity and return to your starting space, so make sure to repair!