Sail the Seas as You Contend for Your Faction's Future.

Welcome to the Risen Islands- a fantastical seafaring realm. Sail the high seas as you champion your faction, and fight for your nation's future as you explore a vibrant region. Embark on quests, and fire your cannons to prevail!

Dynamic board set up keeps every play intriguing as locales shift and sea types vary!

We've custom tailored the most seaworthy player board to keep you organized so you can focus on what awaits on the water's edge.

Will You Lead Your People through the Waves?

Shape Your Ship

Outfit your vessel with upgrades, ammo, cargo, and your character stats utilizing a nautical player board to track everything in one place.

Where Will the Tides Take You?

Traverse the Risen Islands with a dynamic map layout for distinct plays. Endure sea conditions, pick up and deliver, and battle other players. The choice is yours in this sandbox experience.

Let Your Cannons Thunder!

Unleash a volley on your foes, using action points to attack and rolling dice to deal damage.

Fret not if your ship sinks, You will respawn, though you will lose some loot in the fray.

Do You have the Savvy to Sail the Risen Islands?