High fantasy on the high seas for 1-6 brave adventurers!

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What is Quests & Cannons?

High Fantasy on the High Seas!

You are an adventurer sent to strange islands that have mysteriously risen from the sea, but you are not alone! Explore the islands, uncovering map clues, completing quests, upgrading your ship, finding loot, and trading cannon fire with rival explorers as the fate of your people rests on your shoulders in this high fantasy on the high seas competitive, sandbox-style, adventure game for 1-6 players.

"Accessible, Deep Strategy"

Simple core mechanics makes interacting with the game easy while open movement and action point allowance give players maximum flexibility in play. Multiple victory paths and characters provide for many different strategies. Game play is emergent, players explore an unknown map and adapt strategies, which levels the playing field. Quests & Cannons is accessible for new players, with plenty of strategic depth for veteran board game players.

Organized Slotted Player Boards

We designed our game components to do a lot of the mental heavy lifting for you. The player boards keep track of all your upgrades, ammo, cargo, action points, coins, and your character stats in one central place.

Many Ways To Play

Interchangeable map tiles, 12 playable characters, solo, co-op, free for all, and teams modes, makes for a new experience every time you play.

Vibrant Fantasy World

We've worked on creating an original fantasy world complete with towering trees, massive caravan creatures, and waterfalls that cascade down from clouds, all on display on the game board.

How to play


Players win the game by having the most prosperity at the end of the last round.

Gain Prosperity by:

Each turn players have 3 action points to spend how they choose.

Spend Action Points:

Upgrade your ship, repair damage, and trade for loot and map clues!

Thoroughly Play Tested

Over hundreds of play tests, we've made sure game play is balanced and fun no matter how you play.

Reviewer Corner

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